ISO 14001 Standard Certification Singapore


The ISO 14001 standard is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology and has been developed based on a concept of continual improvement using the following five phases. They are:

  • Establish environmental objectives and targets: Organisation will need to review their products and processes in which to determine how these elements will bring an impact to the environment. Through conducting such a review, the organisation will be able to establish the various environmental objectives and targets needed to be incorporated into the processes and procedures of their policy.
  • Implementation of planning process: Organisation should identify the resources and people required for this implementation. Proper documentation and communication will need to be ensured for organisation success whilst educating your employees can help to ensure that your ISO 14001 standard is being implemented using the correct methodology.
  • Monitoring: Organisation will need to monitor and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their system to ensure that their environmental objectives are met according to legal requirements.
  • Reviewing of corrective action: Organisation should conduct management review to ensure that their objectives are met. Improvements on the system will then be made for subsequent planning.
  • Review and developing: Organisation should review and then move towards applying a strategic approach to deal with environmental issues faced in their business. Improvements will need to allow for structural and organisational changes to be reflected in the EMS framework.


Benefits of ISO 14001 Standard

  • Demonstrate your environmental commitment to stakeholders
  • Improve profitability through controlling of raw material usage, energy consumption and disposal cost reduction etc
  • Improve process efficiency, business performance and enhance business competence
  • Exhibit a level of assurance to achieving legal and regulatory guidelines
  • Increase your access to new customers and business partners
  • Help to better manage your environmental risks, now and in the future
  • Potentially reduces public liability insurance costs