ISO Certification Process Singapore


Enquiry and Free estimate

Follwing your enquiry and completion of our application form, we will review the information and provide you with a free quote, with a breakdown of all the elements that make up the cost of certification.

There are no fees until you accept the quote and return the signed contract that includes the conditions for certification.

We will contact you to start the certification process and agree on dates for the Stage 1 Audit. 


Stage 1 Audit

The stage 1 audit (part of which is generally on site), provides a focus for planning the Main Audit, reviews documentation specific to your business and works with your staff to quickly resolve any problems.


Stage 2 Main Audit Visit 

The Main Audit measures the effectiveness of the applied management system in managing requirements, products, processes and services. The audit is carried out alongside your own people, with results and findings openly discussed and reviewed. At the end of the audit a report is prepared for acknowledgement and acceptance by your company representative. Any corrective actions arising from the audit are discussed and any forward plan of work agreed, including a follow-up visit if needed.


Certification Approval & Surveillance Programme

When your applied management system complies with DAS and applicable accreditation requirements, a certificate of approval is issued which is valid for three years. This is subject to satisfactory on-going maintenance of your applied management system. Verification is through an audit surveillance programme that is carried out through yearly surveillance visits organised to fit in with your business requirements.


Three-yearly Re-certification Visit

Every 3 years your management systems needs to be re-assessed.

Following satisfactory recertification your certificate is reissued for a further three years.


Extensions to scope

DAS will in response to an application for extension to the scope of a certification already granted, undertake a review of the application and determine any audit activities necessary to decide whether or not the extension may be granted. This may be conducted in conjunction with a surveillance audit.


Reduction in scope

DAS will reduce the client's scope of certification to exclude the parts not meeting the requirements, when the client has persistently or seriously failed to meet DAS requirement for those parts of the scope of certification. Any such reduction shall be in line with the requirements of the standard used for certification.


Complaints and Appeals

On receipt of a complaint or appeal, the certification body will process the case in accordance with our complaints and appeals procedure. An independent panel/person will be appointed to review the case. A copy of our complaints and appeals procedure will be made available upon request.


Refusal of Certification

Refusal of Certification may arise under the following circumstances: -

(a) Inability to comply with DAS and applicable accreditation requirements;

(b) On a case by case basis, where company is unable to confidently portray its implementation of applied management system;

(c) Company is not a legal entity.


Suspension, Withdrawal and Restoring of Certification

Where client fails to maintain compliance with DAS and accreditation requirements, certification(s) shall be suspended. The suspension period shall not be more than 6 months. If client is unable to correct the failure of non-compliance to the above conditions within the 6 months’ suspension period, the certification(s) shall be withdrawn. 

During the suspension period, client shall refrain from further promotion of its certification status, the use of accreditation marks and any other materials that may mislead the public. 

Upon withdrawal of certification(s), the client is required to return the certificate(s) and cease the use and distribution of any literature, stationary, etc where DAS mark including accreditation logo is displayed. 

Decision to restore certification(s) will hinge on successful completion of audit(s) which includes the appropriateness of corrective action(s) submitted, ability to meet DAS and accreditation requirements as well as eventual approval after the review of audit report(s). 


Use of the DAS-SAC Certification Mark

(a) The DAS Certification Mark shall never be used in conjunction with the SAC Accreditation where there has been          suspension or withdrawal of SAC accreditation of the certification body and for non-SAC accredited                              certifications.

(b) The DAS Certification Mark shall always be used in conjunction with the Client's name and the certificate number.

(c) The DAS Certification Mark may be used on stationery, such as headed letter paper, advertising brochures,                  certificates and certificates of conformity and only in connection with the Management System Standards and scope listed on the Certificate.

(d) The DAS Certification Mark may be used on vehicles, buildings or flags which bear the name or emblem of the            client.

(e) The DAS Certification Mark shall not be used in any way to imply product approval.

(f) The certified client shall, upon reasonable notice, discontinue any use of the DAS Certification Mark which is               considered to be unacceptable to the Certification Body.

(g) Upon termination of the certification, for whatever reason, the client shall discontinue all use of the DAS                      Certification Mark immediately.




Last updated Feb 2017